Straight From The Curls 2.0

Oh, hello! Thanks for stopping by. If you’re visiting this space for the first time, welcome! If you’re someone who has followed Straight From The Curls over the years and are here to check it out in 2.0, thank you for sticking by, and for your support. (Seriously, I’m grateful!)

A little bit of history…
Straight From The Curls launched in the summer of 2007 as a labour of love and a place for me to share my early 20-something thoughts. I had just finished university and was on my way to journalism school, and I needed an outlet for all the feels (and dear God, there were so many feelings!). Please swing by and read some of those blog posts — you’ll get to meet 20-something optimistic me, with the brightest outlook for the future.

Over the years it evolved into a place that captured all my travel stories — my stint as a teacher in South Korea, my experiences being lost in translation, and my struggles with moving back to Toronto and trying to figure out my next steps.

I stopped feeding Straight From The Curls a few years back because I was deeply focused on my career as a magazine editor. I worked at a national women’s magazine in Canada for a few years, and my ideas funneled into stories for the publication. This meant it was difficult to put together unique pieces for my own blog. Couple that fact with a few personal losses stemming from my father and aunt passing away, and it was a recipe for emotional closure.

I’ve since moved on into a new (but similar) career path, and am carving time to focus on passions and hobbies: my friends and family, staying healthy, writing freelance, taking photos of things that make me happy, and mostly, travelling as often as I can.

Straight From The Curls 2.0…
The revival of my blog seemed inevitable. When I speak to those who have known it well, they say it was only a matter of time and don’t seem surprised. I decided to relaunch Straight From The Curls (now 2.0) because I wanted to continue sharing stories in my own unique way; little nuggets and anecdotes from my perfectly messy, sometimes overly complicated life that I hope you can relate to. This isn’t a lifestyle blog, nor do I aspire to make it stand out as design perfect or aesthetically pleasing.

I simply want us (me and you, the reader) to relate on some level, as we try to navigate life in all it’s paths, twists and turns. How does that sound?

Thank you for reading. Won’t you stay a while?