A Solo Travel Adventure For The Soul

Last September, I packed up my tiny red suitcase and headed on a two-week solo adventure to the Mediterranean. A lot of people in my life didn’t know I had this trip in the works until it was time for me to leave. I don’t really know why I kept quiet about it. I had booked it a few months prior, and needed something to look forward to at the end of the summer. Perhaps a part of me didn’t want to get too excited about it until it was time to actually leave. In any case, these are answers to the questions I’ve received the most since coming back.


Where exactly did you go?
When I decided to take off, I knew I wanted to explore a part of the world that was near the top of my travel bucket list; an area that was easily accessible, beautiful and budget-friendly. After extensive research, I decided on the Mediterranean, with a focus on Italy.

How did you plan it all?
While planning the trip, I realized that there was a lot of ground I wanted to cover, and knew that if I did it all on my own, I’d only get to see a little bit of it. A little more research into tour groups focusing on the area of choice led me to The Mediterranean Express, (with gadventures), which would take me from Rome to Barcelona.

What was the breakdown of your itinerary?
I flew to Florence, and spent a couple of days there, exploring the local sights – the Duomo, Ponte Vecchio, Uffizi Gallery and Republic Square. I then took a day trip out to Tuscany, where I reveled in the rolling hills and Italian countryside. I visited Siena, San Gimigano and Pisa.

The next day, I took a train to Rome, where I spent a few days by myself, before meeting up with my tour group. Click here for a detailed break down of my tour that took me from Rome to Barcelona over the course of seven days.

How did you afford it?
Thank heavens for credit cards! I’m lucky that the flight and tour were paid for in a few installments, and that there was a long lead up between the time I booked the trip and actually took off. I wanted to make sure it was all taken care off before I headed overseas, so let’s just say this summer in Toronto was a local one… with a strict budget! While on the trip, I made sure I went in with a separate budget, and stuck to it. I spent money on the things that I knew would make me happy, and saved where I could. I’ll outline all of this in a future blog post, because I think it’s important for travellers to focus on finances when out on the road.

And what was the point of this big adventure?
A change of pace, a change in scenery and a chance to reconnect with my soul. I know it sounds cheesy, but I needed to get away and be on my own for a couple of weeks, because I was losing sight of the things that were most important to me; the things that made me happy. I’m grateful to say that this trip was an eyeopener and a lesson in self-care. (Another blog post, no doubt!)

I’ll be sharing my experiences over a few blog posts, along with photos from the trip. Thank you for allowing me to relive my journey here.